Collaboration: What I Wish I Had Known About Motherhood

A collaboration of awesome parenting bloggers share what they wish they had known before becoming Moms!All of us mamma’s can agree that while we wouldn’t change our roles as parents for the world, motherhood is a crazy learning experience. You will never be fully prepared for how your life will change when you have children.  It really is a learning experience, and you learn as you go along. My goal with The Tully Tales is to share what I’m learning along the way, so for this collaboration, I’ve asked some of my favourite Parenting Bloggers to share their knowledge too by answering this question;
What Do You Wish You Had Known Before Becoming a Mother?


Victoria from One Sharp Mama
Awesome parenting bloggers share what they wish they had known before becoming Moms!
I feel like I could write for days about the things I wish I knew before becoming a mother. But, I’ll spare you the long list and just share my top three things I wish I would’ve known before becoming a Mom.
1. I’m a stomach sleeper. I had an extremely hard time sleeping during my pregnancy, for obvious reasons. I missed sleeping on my stomach so bad by the end of the pregnancy, that I just told myself, “get through labor and you’re free. You can sleep on your tummy again”. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Boy, was I, oh, so wrong. I breastfed for the first 6-ish weeks. I quickly found out that you can not breastfeed and sleep on your belly. You’ll end up with major milk leaks and stains all over your bed. It’s a milky nightmare. I also found that I rarely even wanted to sleep on my stomach anyway. My daughter slept in the Pack n Play and the Rock n Play on my side of the bed. I would constantly lay on my side to fall asleep. I could watch her easily while sleeping on my side.
2. You will get this internal alarm that makes you wake up, just to make sure that your child is breathing- a million times a night. It doesn’t get any better- at least for me it hasn’t. I constantly wake up just to check on her, while she sleeps away peacefully. She’s sleeping through almost the whole night, up just once, while I’m waking up every half hour to watch her chest rise and fall. I already run light on sleep and now I just mentally torture myself having to constantly check on her.
A collaboration of awesome parenting bloggers share what they wish they had known before becoming Moms!
3. I didn’t realize how many restaurants and public places don’t have diaper changing stations. Or some of the places that actually do have them turn out to be unsafe or broken. I can’t tell you how many times I have been at my local area restaurants and have to take her to change her diaper. A few minutes later, I find that they don’t even have a working changing station, let alone a single changing station. There are so many places that don’t even have a sink vanity to change them on. Oh, I know, not safe, but it’s a better alternative than the bathroom floor. I never really paid any attention to the changing stations or lack thereof at our favorite places to go. Now, it is one of the first things I think of when deciding where to eat, because, for real, who wants to take a baby out to the car to change a diaper in the pouring rain, snow or other lovely weather? Not me! Anyway, those are my top three things I wish I would’ve known or realized before becoming a mama bear to the sweetest little baby bear I know.

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Tamika from MommyandBloggin

As a parent, there are hard times, fun times, loving times, caring times, and just plain ole hilarious times! We all have those moments that we wished we had known before becoming a parent. I’ve had many, I feel you!

A collaboration of awesome parenting bloggers share what they wish they had known before becoming Moms!

1. Babies tend to fall over… A lot! Yea, I knew babies can fall over and such, but seriously, my kids fall over 20,000 times a day. Mind you, they are 1 and 10 months. Maybe they just have magnetics in them that attract the ground?

2. Having 2 under 2 is hard work! I knew it wasn’t going to be easier than 1 but I have a crawler and a walker and soon two walkers. Trying to keep up with them both is almost impossible. One is crawling one way and the other is walking the other. Yea, jogging is now my hobby.

3. When our parents said “I hope your kids are 10 times worse than you”, they were actually jinxing us… I’m pretty sure I heard my mom tell me this twenty times a day! Now, both of my kids have anger issues (I think they have bipolar worse than I do) and when I tell them to do something, they just stare at me like “who are you talking to?” and walk away.

4. When they do something that they are suppose to get in trouble for but it’s funny and you can’t resist laughing, and they laugh and now they think it’s ok and you can’t put them in time out.  Yea I’ve had plenty of these moments. My daughter can’t fully talk but she can say Oh Sh*t. It was funny the first few times. Now I do put her in time out.

5. One day when you change a crappy diaper, it’ll be up their back and down their leg… Let’s not even get into this. Just throw the clothes and the baby away. (I’m just kidding about the baby, chill).

6. They will get mad because they can’t put on other people’s shoes.  Yes, it happens. I tell her time after time, they are either too small or too big. That doesn’t change anything at all. It gets to the point that I have to hide the shoes. I shouldn’t have to hide them. Haha.

7. One day they can eat a horse, the next, they will go on hunger strike. My daughter can eat enough to feed a whole family! The next day I can’t get her to eat at all. Those days I feel helpless and makes me think she is going to starve. I know, just mommy instincts to protect my little one.

This list can go on and on. Even though I live everyday with a new venture, I still love my babies no matter what they throw at my head. I created blessings and wouldn’t change anything in the world.

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Kayla Dene from KaylaDeneBlog
Awesome parenting bloggers share what they wish they had known before becoming Moms!
I wish I knew just how much I needed to trust my motherly instincts and focus on mine and my daughters bond over everyone else’s opinion. Once Riley came into this world, a storm of unasked advice filled my ears. I instantly felt stepped on and stupid. When it came from family, I knew it was coming from a nice place but what they did not know, was how it made me feel. I felt as if they were not letting me be a mom and parent my child. They made me feel like I was not blessed with motherly instincts. They made me feel like I was not cut out for this.
A collaboration of awesome parenting bloggers share what they wish they had known before becoming Moms!
I went crying to my mom one day because I was so overwhelmed with all of it. She made a good point in telling me that I should take the advice that is needed and do away with what is not. Everyone has an opinion about motherhood from males to women with no children- they all have something to say. I had to take a moment, say a prayer, and realize this. I could not let peoples OPINIONS affect me so much that I get stressed. God chose me to be Rileys mom for a reason. He also gave me instincts. I am the one who raised Riley in my belly and the one who spends everyday with her. Therefor, I am the one who knows her best.
After speaking with my mom I buckled down and decided to go with her advice. I took what I could use and whatever else, just politely ignored. I started trusting myself and the bond between my daughter and I. Everyday I learn something new with her. As a new mom there is so much to take on and get used it to, but I think I am doing a pretty rad job. I get showers in most days and even put make up on. Also, I am running several businesses so I do not know what I was thinking when I was letting other peoples thoughts affect the way I thought of myself as a mother. {Side note: honestly, life is all about learning anyway.} I know I am doing everything I can for my baby girl and that is all that matters.
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So relatable! I’m still pretty new at this mammy thing, but here are some things I wish I had known;

Awesome parenting bloggers share what they wish they had known before becoming Moms!

1. You never think of yourself anymore. I don’t mean that I am neglecting my own needs, but I think in terms of how everything will affect Jack. He comes first, and I’m more than fine with that.

2. Being a mother has boosted my confidence. I’m definitely an introvert, but since having Jack, I find myself speaking up more. Whether it’s chatting with someone new when we’re out and about, or voicing my opinion, I don’t feel as shy anymore. Babies are an ice-breaker, but I also feel more capable, and less nervous in a group of people.

A collaboration of awesome parenting bloggers share what they wish they had known before becoming Moms!

3. Babies grow like weeds. Everyone told me babies grow so fast, but I never expected to practically skip the 3-6 month clothing period. Jack is a big baby, and is growing so quickly that I have boxes of clothes he’s never even had the chance to wear!

4. You’ll never sleep properly again. I realised recently that I haven’t had a full nights sleep (as in deep, uninterrupted sleep) in over a year. We spent our first night away from the baby earlier this month, and I still woke up a couple of times. From multiple pee-breaks when I was pregnant, to soothing a restless baby nowadays, my body has become accustomed to waking up during the night.

5. My time is precious. My life is jam-packed with Jack – even when he’s sleeping I have laundry to sort, bottles to wash, and a million other chores to catch up on. This leaves me with less time on my hands, and less time for nonsense. Kardashians marathon? Ain’t nobody got time for that anymore!

Such a stellar group of mamma’s for this collaboration! What do you wish you had known before becoming a parent? Share in the comments!
A collaboration of awesome parenting bloggers share what they wish they had known before becoming Moms!

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  1. Every single one of these are spot on true! I think every momma out there needs a reminder of, how amazing you are whether you are on a break down or not. So momma, if you’re reading this comment. I want you to know, Your are enough, you are everything to that little one staring at you while you’re reading this comment, you momma.. are doing just fine!
    Xoxo- CrownYourselfMomma

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