The Ultimate Christmas 2017 Irish Bloggers Gift Guide

We've compiled the Ultimate list of Christmas 2017 Gift Guides from Irish Bloggers. Featuring gifts for all ages from many quality, Irish owned companies

Do you hear that sound folks? It’s the sound of Christmas, fast approaching, with just 4 more shopping weeks left until the big day. This year I have a goal to have all of my Christmas shopping done before December 1st, so I can be smug as hell, and organised too. Gift Guides are everywhere this time of year, but I have found some really excellent gift guides to cover pretty much everyone on your list. Moody teenager? Covered. Kid that has everything? Check out the excellent book guide from Shinners and the Brood. Sports nut? There’s a GAA list for that. Give these gift guides a gander, and then pour yourself a festive drink and shop online to your hearts content.


We've compiled the Ultimate list of Christmas 2017 Gift Guides from Irish Bloggers. Featuring gifts for all ages from many quality, Irish owned companies

The Ultimate Directory of Small Creative Irish Companies from The Two Darlings

At this time of year (and anytime really), go the extra mile to support local, Irish businesses. Eimear from The Two Darlings painstakingly created this amazing inclusive directory of small, creative Irish companies. She singles out companies that have a sustainable focus, and who create their own products, in Ireland, and have them ethically made. It’s broken down by category so you can easily shop for everyone on your list. The directory is extensive and is constantly being updated, so it’s a good one to save and come back to any time you have an occasion to shop for. Bonus points for supporting Irish, and you’ll wind up buying a more thoughtful, unique gift than you’d find in a department store. If anyone is stuck for something to buy me this Christmas (*cough, Colm, cough*), any of the jewelry or candle shops will do the trick!

Great Kids’ Books for Christmas, 2017 from Shinners and the Brood

I was the world’s biggest bookworm as a child, and still am when I get the time. I’ve been building Jack’s library since before he was born, and I always make a point to buy my nieces & nephews books for Christmas (spoiler alert, sorry kids!). In the stack of toys that Jack will get every Christmas, I truly hope there will always be a stack of books in the midst. Do the kids in your life, and their parents, a favour and buy some books for them this Christmas. Sinead has compiled probably the best Kids’ Book List I’ve seen, and I’ll be nabbing some of these titles for Jack. “The President’s Glasses” is my absolute favourite – just look at the illustration of Michael D! I’ll also be picking up the “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” too, it looks amazing.

101 Baby Stocking Filler Ideas from The Irish Baby Fairy

Lisa from The Irish Baby Fairy has compiled this handy list of stocking fillers for baby that I will definitely be drawing from for Jack. You all know how excited I am for Jack’s First Christmas, but it’s very true that he won’t have a breeze what’s happening. Lisa’s suggestions for stocking fillers are practical and baby friendly – teething gel for the win!!! There are a couple of things that I’ve been wanting to get, like a foot muff for the buggy, that make so much sense to get as stocking fillers. This list has me sorted this year!

Toddler Christmas Gift Guide from The Irish Baby Fairy

Toddlers, or in Lisa’s words, little dictators, are at the age where the Christmas excitement really kicks in. I love this list because it focuses on high quality, Irish companies, many of whom are owned by mothers. I literally want to buy everything on this list! The Wobbel Board,the Rocking Vespa, and all of the gorgeous kids clothes – I’d be broke! Jack actually has the flash cards on this list from Milk and Pud, and he loves them. I bring them everywhere with me, they’ve stopped many tantrums and are excellent quality. This is such a great list for little wobblers, I can see myself referring to this list as Jack approaches toddler-dom.


We've compiled the Ultimate list of Christmas 2017 Gift Guides from Irish Bloggers. Featuring gifts for all ages from many quality, Irish owned companies

Christmas Gift Ideas for GAA Mad Kids & Teens from Bumbles of Rice

If you have a sports mad, GAA mad, kid in your family, this is the list for you. Admittedly I know nothing about hurling, and very little about Gaelic, but this list has some great suggestions. Apart from your usual equipment and gear, there’s a tongue-in-cheek GAA Quips & Quotes book, some personalised clothing and a gorgeous custom print. I’d go as far as to say this list is good for GAA fans in general, perhaps for some of the husbands who are still reliving their glory days of football!

“Elf Approved” Hottest Toys of 2017 from Mum’s Makeup Bag

Tracey from Mum’s Makeup Bag has it all covered in the toy department in this post. She has wheels for every age, including little ones like Jack, and a list of the hottest toys for this year. I just adore the cosy truck for Jack’s age group – I think that will have to go on my list for his birthday in February. Tracey has not only broken out all of the toys with descriptions and age suggestions, but she’s also scoured the shops to find the lowest prices. If you’re stuck for ideas, or haven’t wrapped up the list for the big man with the beard yet, check out this list.

20 Quality Christmas Gifts for Teen Boys That Won’t Break the Bank from Liberty On the Lighter Side

Is it just me or are teenage boys impossible to buy for? I have an almost-14 year old nephew who for the first year ever, I am at a complete loss to buy for. Liberty’s list is so handy for those hard-to-buy-for boys. The list would do the man in your life too, particularly for stocking stuffers. There are some old reliable suggestions like the Guinness Book of Records and a Swiss Army Knife, and some genius ideas like the foldable pool table. There are ideas for every budget too!


We've compiled the Ultimate list of Christmas 2017 Gift Guides from Irish Bloggers. Featuring gifts for all ages from many quality, Irish owned companies


What strikes me from the Gift Guides is the amount of unique, quality Irish companies out there. Shop local and support small businesses whenever you can this Christmas. Not featured on these lists are three of my personal favorites;

Far Fetched Accessories – My go-to for gifts for my mum & sister. They have a gorgeous selection of jewelry to suit all occasions, stationary, prints, scarves and more. Their Katie Loxton scarf is beautiful, my personal fave.

Precious Prints – For a personal touch, Precious Prints do some fabulous prints. We were gifted one for Jack for his Christening with all of his birth information on it, along with some gorgeous quotes about little boys and Tuesday’s child. I love it! I’ve ordered some gifts from here for family this Christmas so I won’t give too much away. The quality is excellent and any of the prints will make a lovely gift.

MGM Illustrations – I’ve raved about the illustration I had made for Colm for Father’s Day here, and it’s one of the best gifts he’s ever gotten. If you’re looking for something really one-off and special this Christmas, one of these portraits is the way to go!

So there you have it – You should be sorted for present ideas with this lot! Happy Shopping!


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