Prepping for Baby – What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag!

Packing for the hospital seems like such a momentous step in preparing for baby’s arrival – it makes it all seem real! I packed our bags at 30 weeks out of pure panic after being hospitalized for threatened pre-term labour. The bags remained packed in the wardrobe until Jack made his grand entrance at 38 weeks, but I do recommend having your bags ready to go a few weeks before D-Day!

Before you pack the whole house into your suitcase, give your hospital a call to find out what they provide. Some hospitals provide things like nappies and swaddle blankets, while some provide very little. You’ll want to pack three bags – one for mum, one for dad, and one for baby.  I mostly just lounged around in my PJ’s and robe when I was in hospital, so I don’t recommend packing too much clothes, except for comfy clothes to wear home. I also hate to break it to you ladies, you will not be squeezing into your skinny jeans right after baby so pack leggings or tracksuit bottoms!

Read on for the essential list of what to pack, and download our free, handy printable checklist!

For Mum

o   ID

o   Hospital Paperwork

o   Dressing Gown

o   Slippers (or Slipper Socks)

o   Warm Socks

o   Pyjamas (Front Opening if Nursing)

o   Spare Pants (Leggings or Similar)

o   Comfy Clothes to Wear Home

o   Lip Balm

o   Hair Ties

o   Headband

o   High Waisted Granny Panties (x 3)

o   Disposable Underwear

o   Maternity Pads

o   Toiletries:

Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Toothpaste, Toothbrush

o   Make-Up

o   Hairbrush

o   Cleansing Face Wipes

o   Moisturiser

o   If Nursing:

Nursing Bra, Nursing Pads, Nipple Cream

o   If Not Nursing:

Formula, Bottles, Bottle Brush

o   Phone Charger

o   Water Bottle

For Dad

o   Phone Charger

o   Camera (+ Camera Charger)

o   Snacks

o   Change (for parking meter, vending machine)

o   Change of Clothes

For Baby

o   Nappies

o   Baby Wipes

o   Hat x 1

o   Mittens x 1

o   Swaddle Blanket

o   Warm Blanket

o   Socks x 2

o   Sleepsuits x 2

o   Vests x 2

o   Burp Cloth

o   Going home outfit

o   Car Seat

Grab your free, printable checklist below!

Hospital Bag Checklist!

Hospital bag checklist

Download The Complete Hospital Bag Checklist!

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  1. Such an important list! I forgot my hairbrush three months ago when I had my baby. My hair was a mess! Glad I didn’t forget something more important.

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